This medieval tale of The Armless Maiden  also collected by the Brothers Grimm, la Manékine presents the bright and bloody female initiation that has not lost its relevance. A duo made of a musician (Martin Kaspar Orkestar) and a female (Estelle Charlier) puppeteer, each multiplying their skills to give rhythm and modern landscapes to this drama.

For all ages (from children over 9)
Techniques : Table and glove puppets, masks, shadows and projections
Live music : clarinet, base clarinet, accordion, drum set, voice
Creation : 2023/24

“To be the hands of this dramatization where the quest for the freedom to act and love seems an amazing artistic challenge to me.” Estelle Charlier

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Artistic director, puppeteer, acting, plastic artist : Estelle Charlier
Composition, live music, acting : Martin Kaspar Orkestar
Texte adaptation : Romaric Sangars
Directing collaboration : Romuald Collinet
Light and technical manager : Anthony Lopez
Sound manager : Andi Luchsinger
External view : Pavlína Vimmrova, Sarah Charlier
Administration and production management : Patricia Lecoq


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